Example Curriculum - Agricultural Ecosystem Sciences (starting with MA123)

Fall Year 1
GEN 100 Issues in Ag, Food and Envir.3
AES 101 Intro to AES1
MA 123 Calculus I4
UK Core Humanities3
CIS/WRD 110 UK Core V3
Fall Year 2
BIO 152 General Biology II3-4
ECO 201 Principles of Economics3
UK Core Social Science3
WRD 204 Technical Writing (GCCR)3
PLS 210 Life Processes of Plants3
AES 3XX AES Field Camp3
Spring Year 1
CHE 105 General College Chemistry4
CHE 111 General College Chem Lab1
CIS/WRD 111 UK Core3
BIO 148 General Biology I3
STA 296 Statistical Mthds & Motivation3
Spring Year 2
PLS 366 Fundamentals of Soil Science4
AEC 302 Ag Management Principles4
UK Core Arts and Creativity3
UK Core Global Dynamics3
Fall Year 3
ABT 360 Genetics3
PLS 386 Plant Production Systems4
PPA 400G Principles of Plant Pathology3
Technical Specialization Course #13
Fall Year 4
PLS 468G Soil Use and Management3
AES 395/399 Internship3
Applied Specialization Course #13
Technical Specialization Course #33
Free Elective3
Total Credit Hours
Spring Year 3
ASC 382 Animal Production Principles3
PLS/SAG 390 Agroecology3
PLS 404 Integrated Weed Management4
PLS/AES 3XX (Spring, prereq PLS 366)3
Technical Specialization Course #23
Spring Year 4
PLS 470G Soil Fertility3
Applied Specialization Course #23
AES 4XX Capstone3
Free Elective3
Applied Specialization Course #33