Welcome to Agricultural Ecosystem Sciences (AES)!

The goal of this program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for the responsible stewardship of our agricultural production system. Responsible stewardship means the application of advanced methodologies to increase yields from, and the multifunctionality of, current agricultural lands providing solutions that optimize local, regional, and global benefits people gain from agricultural ecosystems.

Career Paths

  • Extension Agent
  • Agribusiness Sales
  • Farm Operator/Manager
  • Agribusiness Research
  • Graduate School
  • Agricultural Data Specialist
  • Soil and Water Conservationist
  • Agronomist
  • Soil Testing Laboratory Tech
  • Livestock or Crop Consultant

Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers

2018 Median Salary: $79,940 per year

Job Outlook: 5.4% (faster than average growth)

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bueau of Labor Statistics